Dealing With a Mortgage

Want to escape your mortgage payment?

A lot of people feel trapped once they’ve bought a home… like they just have to live with a mortgage payment that’s financially unsustainable for them.

But that’s not true.

In fact, here are 4 different things you can do to lower or get rid of your mortgage payment…

Refinance — If you have a lot of equity on your home, one of the best ways to lower your monthly mortgage payments is to refinance. You can work with your bank to get a new 30-year loan on the remaining amount that you owe.

Work With an Agent — You can sell your home by working with a real estate agent. But keep in mind that your home will have to in tip-top shape to sell on the MLS. That means making repairs and updating appliances.

Rent The Property Out — This won’t get rid of your mortgage payment, but if you’re patient and willing to absorb the risk of working with tenants, then you might consider renting out your property and moving somewhere less expensive.

Sell It Fast For Cash — Want to get rid of your mortgage payment altogether and move somewhere more affordable? We totally understand. We’ve helped lots of homeowners in Baltimore sell for cash. We’ll buy your home as-is and we can even close in as little as 2 weeks. You can give us a call at (410) 826-8200 to learn more.

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